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White Noise- Hippychick myHummy Bear

Studies show that babies settle more easily and sleep more soundly in a sleep conducive environment. This means the room should be dark, calm, comfortable and not stimulating.

White noise can help drown out disturbing sounds from inside and outside the house. It is also soothing for little one especially if used early on as white noise mimics the sound of the womb. Babies are not used to silence and therefore hearing similar sounds to the womb is extremely comforting and can help little one sleep for longer periods of time as a result.

myHummy bears can be safely used from the very first day of life. I love the myHummy Bear by Hippychick for many reasons. The first being that from first hand experience, white noise actually helps to soothe little one and help them sleep longer in the early stages.

I also love this product most importantly because it can play white or pink noise for 12 hours continuously which is essential for a good nights sleep. The volume can be adjusted depending on where you place the myHummy Bear but as a sleep expert, the most effective level of sounds is as loud as a running shower.

When white noise is used consistently at nap/bedtime it sets up sleepy cues for little one and alerts them for sleep. Sleepy cues are really important in young babies and children so using white noise in your routine regularly can help set little one up for a good nights sleep.

I recommend the bear is best places away from little one ideally on a table or windowsill as the lullabies trust recommends that the cot is kept clear.

As little one gets older this product can be used as a comforter which is an added benefit. It also comes with a handy cot attachment which can also be used as a teether! I know right!

In addition to all the other super benefits of this product, the heart shaped sleep sensor can be removed and taken with you when you are out an about. The amazing this about this is that it is small enough to fit in your hand bag!

As the sensor can be removed, the myHummy can be machine washed and ready for use again. This product comes in different colours also to suit your preference.

There is a handy pouch that comes with it so that the heart sensor can be popped into. The cot attachment can be used with the pouch and attached to the pram or car seat when out and about too for an extra restful quality sleep when away from home.

For more useful Free sleep tips you can download my FREE SLEEP GUIDE from my website to get started with better sleep tonight.

You may also book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL one my website to discuss your childs sleep challenges and to see what I can do to help your little one sleep through the night.

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