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Early Rising Masterclass
9th June 2022 7.30pm

Only £25 if purchased before event. £30 thereafter for recording only

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Most effective methods to help eliminate early rising so that you and your child can get that well deserved restorative nights rest that is essential for growth, development and mental health as parents.

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Presented by Pooja Patel founder of  The Dreamy Project and Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

This masterclass will give you all the knowledge and skills to know why your little one is rising early and exactly what strategies to use to tackle it for good!

What will be covered?

  • What early rising is?

  • What causes early rising

  • Strategies to tackle early rising for good

  • Self settling strategies

  • How diet can affect sleep

  • Help creating your early rising sleep plan

What is included?

  • ·       Live 60-90 minute masterclass

  • ·       Q&A session at the end of the masterclass

  • ·       Lifetime recording of masterclass

  • ·       Free early rising cheat sheet

  • ·       Chance to win a free 60 minute consultation with me

Working at home
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I want to join the Masterclass on 9th June 2022 at 7.30pm.
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Please follow the link below to pricing and plans page and select early rising webinar to checkout. Thank you.
A link to the masterclass will be sent out after payment.

Working from Home

Only £25 if purchased before event. £30 thereafter for recording only

"Last night was the first night EVER that she slept through for 11 hours without a night feed or early rising. I woke up in shock. Thank you for your help on that!"
(Alexandra and Eliza)

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